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In case you’re not familiar with Beach Flags (what?!), this exciting sport is a cross between a running race and musical chairs… held on the sand… makes sense, right?

Beach Flags! is a short, sharp and dynamic event: Each race lasts just five seconds, as competitors sprint down a 20 metre course and grab a stick, or “flag” out of the sand. There is always one less “flag” than the number of competitors and if you don’t score a stick then you’re out of the competition, which gives the event a musical chairs-style elimination format.

In Brazil they refer to Beach Flags! as The Beautiful Game (yes, it’s replaced soccer as the national sport), while in France the sport is known simply as “La belle danse du peuple de sable” – The beautiful dance of the sand people.

Some say the sport of Beach Flags! was invented by the ancient kings of Australia. Others say Australia never had ancient kings… All we know is that Beach Flags! is one of the most spectacular sporting spectacles known to mankind.

We couldn’t be more proud to introduce a world class Beach Flags! competition to the 2015 Payette River Games, and we can’t wait to see who shows up to throw down.

The PRGs Beach Flags! tournament will be held as the headline showcase piece on Saturday night, right after the festivities on the water are complete. We challenge ALL Payette competitors, whether you’re a stand up paddler, beach volleyball pro, river surfer, lumberjack warrior or dog fetch champ, to compete and test your skills. I mean c’mon, it only takes five seconds…

And remember: 100% of your entry fees go to a great cause.

To familiarize yourself with the Sport of Kings, here’s a classic clip of a Beach Flags! tournament in Hawaii. Pay close attention at the 36 second mark… you might recognise a familiar face (and one of the hot favorites for the Payette Beach Flags! tournament we might add!).

100% of your entry payments go directly to our non-profit host – Kelly’s Whitewater Park. Every dollar you spend will help the park remain open and free for everyone, including our special free kids clinics. So join us for the funnest weekend on the paddling calendar and support a great cause at the same time!



  • Men’s 1st place: $500

  • Women’s 1st place: $500


Beach Flags! may seem like a simple event, however this is actually a very complex sport with many rules. Like a game of chess or the stripes of a zebra, some say no two Beach Flags! races are ever the same.

Plus with so much pride and glory on the line, we want to make sure the PRGs Beach Flags! event runs smoothly. So please refer to pages 110-113 of the official International Life Saving Federation rulebook to ensure we avoid any protests…


Beach Flags!
Beach Flags!
Beach Flags!

We can't wait to show you how much fun the Payette River Games really are...


The Payette River Games is a special weekend. Obviously Beach Flags! will be the headline act, however there’s plenty of other stuff to enjoy. Whether you’re a spectator or a competitor (or both!), witness the amazing Stand Up Paddle Racing, Beach Volleyball, River Surfing, Lumberjack Tournament, Dog Fetch and much more. So come and join us from June 19-21 in the beautiful haven of Cascade, Idaho…